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ProHealth Physicians Careers
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“The topography of primary care can take us up to peaks and deep into valleys. From the newborn cries in the delivery room to the final moments at the bedside, it challenges us with its complexity and depth. At ProHealth, people come first in a system designed around primary care.”

“I felt welcomed and supported professionally from the moment I began working for ProHealth Physicians. Everyone was friendly and willing to make my transition as smooth as possible. As an employee you really get the idea that this company understands and promotes the balance between work life and personal commitments.”

“Every person in a ProHealth Physicians practice has both an opportunity and a responsibility to contribute to our patients’ experience. There are no passive roles where patient satisfaction is concerned and no unimportant jobs. We all take great pride in caring for our patients’ well-being.”

“Starting a new job can be a stressful experience. This has not been the case with my transition to ProHealth. My first few weeks as a new ProHealth employee have been amazing. The leadership team is excellent, as well as the communication, professionalism, and support I have received. The orientation and computer training was also well presented and very informative. Thank you ProHealth for making me feel like a team member already!”

“The thing that used to drive me crazy before we joined ProHealth was that you…don’t know who is really in your corner…I really have great confidence that ProHealth is in our corner fighting for us with the insurance companies…I have confidence that ProHealth has a strategy and the ability to prioritize.”

“…it is really nice to have corporate resources at my fingertips. In the past I was on my own for legal, credentialing, and EHR. It is a welcome change to be part of a larger outfit, this sentiment was also echoed by the other practice managers who also attended the orientation. So a big thank you!”

Regarding Patient Satisfaction Surveys —
“I think [the surveys] give us a better idea of how to better serve the patients in terms of making the whole clinical experience better for them.”

“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your career, you need to become a worthwhile person in your self development. As a Practice Manager, working at ProHealth has enabled me to do so. I am able to expand my knowledge and autonomously implement change and sound decision making while knowing I have the full support of the ProHealth Leadership Team and Physicians around me. The technology and resources that are available to all members of our organization is outstanding.”

Is there any advice you would have for physician colleagues who may be considering their practice options in today’s environment?

“I would suggest that they not remain independent…being independent is not a quality choice for the future. I believe there is a certain safety in numbers. There are also advantages…from a practice point of view…and from a financial perspective…being a doctor is more interesting if you are a part of ProHealth…being in an organization that is attempting to be there for you. I would encourage doctors that have developed practices of their own to value those practices and to not simply abandon them and give them away to hospitals or other organizations just for short-term benefits. My hope for the future with ProHealth is that by having power in numbers with physicians and patients, we can control and influence the future of our practices…and deal with…challenges like EHR or attracting young doctors…and I would suggest that doctors keep that in mind.”