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July 12, 2016

Is there any advice you would have for physician colleagues who may be considering their practice options in today’s environment?

“I would suggest that they not remain independent…being independent is not a quality choice for the future. I believe there is a certain safety in numbers. There are also advantages…from a practice point of view…and from a financial perspective…being a doctor is more interesting if you are a part of ProHealth…being in an organization that is attempting to be there for you. I would encourage doctors that have developed practices of their own to value those practices and to not simply abandon them and give them away to hospitals or other organizations just for short-term benefits. My hope for the future with ProHealth is that by having power in numbers with physicians and patients, we can control and influence the future of our practices…and deal with…challenges like EHR or attracting young doctors…and I would suggest that doctors keep that in mind.”