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Mission Statement

The Connecticut Center for Primary Care’s mission is to become Connecticut’s premier center for research in establishing evidence for primary care best practices, center for the translation of best practices (new delivery models, quality, patient safety) into everyday primary care practice, and center for the transformation of the Connecticut primary care system. CCPC will strive to preserve and strengthen the delivery of primary medical care services and the health of our communities.


 Strategic Objectives

  • Establish evidence-based approaches for primary care.
  • Translate evidence based research results into everyday primary care practice.
  • Identify best practices.
  • Accelerate the measurable and continual transformation of primary care practice towards optimal value: quality, safety, effectiveness, timeliness, access, service efficiency, equity, cost and patient-centeredness.
  • Develop and research new “optimal” models of preventative, acute, and chronic primary care.
  • Empower patients to collaborate with primary care practitioners to further their health care goals.
  • Improve the health in our communities.
  • Promote sustainable models of preventative, acute and chronic primary care.
  • Document return on investment (ROI) and outcomes from optimal models of primary care.
  • Serve as a conduit linking diverse, disjointed care with a common primary care “medical home” framework with a common goal of improving patient care.