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Primary Care Leadership Award

The Connecticut Center for Primary Care believes exemplary skills should be recognized and awarded.  And as part of our Summit Celebration, the CCPC is proud to acknowledge individuals and teams who not only possess exceptional leadership qualities but understand how to put them into practice.

Congratulations to our 2017 Primary Care Leadership Award Recipents who were awarded at the 10th Annual Primary Care Summit on November 15th, 2017.

Recipients 2017


Mary Tinetti, MD

Dr. Tinetti is a well-respected researcher and clinician in her position as the Gladys Phillips Crofoot Professor of Medicine and Public Health and Chief of Geriatrics at Yale School of Medicine. Her groundbreaking research on falls earned her a reputation as a geriatrics/gerontology academic leader.

Dr. Tinetti assembled a countrywide group of clinicians, patients, caregivers, health system leaders, payers and funders to identify key problems facing older adults to propose feasible and effective strategies for improving their care. Through her passionate and committed leadership, this group targeted patient identification of health goals and aligning primary and specialty clinicians’ care with patients as the key principles of patient priorities care.

In her words, “patients are expert in what matters most to them about their health and healthcare and clinicians are expert in knowing how best to achieve what matters most.” She is a passionate, gifted and inspirational leader.


Anne Elwell, RN, MPH

Anne has dedicated her 30-year career to healthcare quality improvement with a focus on patient-centered care. Anne established the Connecticut Partners for Health, a group she has led for the last five years, consisting of over 40 key Connecticut healthcare stakeholders who work to manage healthcare-related issues challenging the Connecticut consumer and provider community.

Anne has positioned Qualidigm as the state’s convener of diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively on community-wide activities through community health collaboratives. She is often heard saying, “we don’t do things for them, we do things with them.” Anne is an exemplar of what is needed to build trust and improve healthcare in and around our state.


Urban Service Track

An interprofessional program involving not only UConn’s School of Nursing but also the Schools of Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Medicine and Social Work, and Quinnipiac University’s Physician’s Assistant Program, the Urban Service Track (UST) is in its 11th year. Eight to 10 Urban Health Scholars are selected each year to tackle issues at the forefront of health care among vulnerable populations in hands-on, interprofessional ways. One of the UST’s main achievements is its contributions to widening access to primary care; an extremely vital issue.

The UST has displayed a continuous record of noteworthy accomplishments in the field, including graduates now employed at the Department of Social Services, the Peace Corps and federal law enforcement, nonprofit health and behavioral care organizations such as the Child Health Development Institute and UConn’s own Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. In particular, the program develops competencies in a wide variety of areas, including leadership, community resources, interprofessional health care teams and quality improvement.


Walter Trymbulak, MD

Since joining the clinic system as the medical director of the Center for Women’s Health 10 years ago, Dr. Trymbulak has displayed a strong commitment and vision to create a medical home for ALL women. He operates an open door policy; women receive care regardless of ability to pay.

Dr. Trymbulak obtained a Kellogg grant and partnered with the Hispanic Health Council to provide peer counseling to meet the challenge of Hartford’s low breastfeeding rates. A grant from the Newman Company has helped provide healthy food and meal instruction to Hartford residents unable to shop at more distant markets. And a St. Francis Foundation grant helps connect a patient with a provider as soon as she is identified.

Walter Trymbulak has demonstrated excellent leadership in advocating for and creating an environment to meet his clients’ numerous primary care needs.

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