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As part of our mission to improve the health of the patients in Connecticut through research and education, CCPC is pleased to make the following resources available to members of our community.

Community & Provider Resources

Educational resources for clinical providers and the community.

Healthy Weight for Children As part of our ongoing Healthy Weight for Children Initiative, CCPC has distributed Body Mass Index (BMI) charts to every primary care provider in the state. We encourage providers to use this chart as a first step in tracking a child’s weight history.
Developmental Monitoring CCPC has been instrumental in the development and dissemination of information about developmental monitoring in primary care.
Sensory Screening CCPC has been involved in a number of research and education programs focused on improving sensory screening in the primary care practice.
Drug Abuse in Middle Schools This site focuses on drug abuse awareness in the middle school setting.

Research Resources

Resources for researchers.

Common Rule (45 CFR part 46) Partially based off the Belmont Report, this is the federal policy for the protection of human subjects involved in research.
Belmont Report This historical document summarizes the basic principles for the ethical conduct of research with human subjects prompted after the public disclosure of The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
CITI Training The Collaborative Institute Training Initiative is a web based training of the development and current ethical principles accepted by many institutions, government agencies, and organizations.
US Department of Health and Human Services The United States’ government agency dedicated to enhancing and protecting the well-being of all humans.
FDA The Food and Drug Administration is the United State’s government agency that oversees research directly related to FDA regulated products.
UConn Health IRB CCPC utilizes The University of Connecticut, Institutional Review Board as a central site to review and categorize research and quality improvement projects that occur within CCPC and ProHealth.
AHRQ The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality provides the clinical guidelines warehouse, toolkits for implementing QI in practice, and funding opportunities for primary care research.
NIH The National Institute of Health is source of funding for outcomes research in primary care settings.

Our Partners

 The Donaghue Foundation
 Connecticut Choosing Wisely Collaborative
 UConn Health Urban Service Track
 DARTnet Institute 
 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
 Yale School of Medicine