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The Heart of the Matter

February 8, 2018

The Heart of the Matter

Heart Health month is here and while we shop for our Valentines it’s important to remember simple ways to keep our hearts healthy all year long! Here are The Mayo Clinic’s 8 steps to help prevent heart disease.

  1. Control your portion size: Work on eating until you are satisfied instead of full, and then reduce your portion sizes accordingly.
  2. Eat more vegetables and fruits: These nutrient powerhouses are great for your skin, gut, heart, every part of you!  Try to have one serving at every meal and snack!
  3. Select whole grains: Choose brown rice, and whole grain bread or pasta -the fiber in these foods are great for your digestion and for lowering cholesterol!
  4. Limit unhealthy fats: Make sure to avoid trans-fats, which include hydrogenated oils in the ingredients list.  Limit saturated animal fats from meats and dairy.
  5. Choose low-fat protein sources: Lean fish and poultry are great sources of protein, but don’t forget beans, lentils and tofu! Eating more non-meat sources of protein is great for the environment.
  6. Reduce the sodium in your food: Prepackaged foods are our biggest source of salt.  Cook more fresh food at home and season them yourself for a lower sodium meal.
  7. Plan ahead: Choosing fast food or sugary snacks on the go can contribute to a high fat and sugar diet.  Planning ahead can help you to choose more fresh and healthy foods, and can also lower your food costs!
  8. Allow yourself an occasional treat: Restricting and avoiding foods is a recipe for diet disaster.  Try to choose and enjoy a really good treat, instead of mindlessly eating snack foods.

8 steps to prevent heart disease