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Families Eating Together

Eating together as a family is good for your health and well being.  Let's make it a habit!

Let's Do 100 Animal Moves

Can you do these 10 animals moves, 10 times each?  That's 100 moves!  Let's go!

Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Some great reasons to be healthy.

Thinking About Making a Change?

Here is some great support for making healthy changes.

Getting Ready to Make a Change?

Helpful tips to getting started with your new healthy lifestyle

Let's Go Outside This Fall!

Some fun Fall things to do in the fresh air!

Eating Seasonally

Here are some fresh choices as the weather gets colder.

The Humble Tomato

Get some ideas on how to use this in-season produce!

Coloring Page with Apple Granola Recipe

Kids and grown-ups can make this healthy granola together!  Then color in the pictures of the ingredients.

Making Resolutions That Stick

Here are some tips on making New Year's resolutions with success.

Pre-Visit Checklists
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Pre-visit Checklist- First Visit

Please complete this checklist before your first visit with the dietitian.

Pre-Visit Checklist- Follow-up Visits

Please complete this checklist prior to all follow-up visits with the dietitian.

Healthy Me Food Record

Keep a log of what you are eating.

Get Active Resources
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Resources for Healthy Living

Using these websites can help to support you in your healthy lifestyle.

Community Resources—Active Fun in Your Area
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Meriden Area Community Resources

Find some fun things to do in Meriden.

Cheshire Area Community Resources

Check out some fun ways to be active and eat well in Cheshire!

Wethersfield/Rocky Hill Area Community Resources

If you are living in or headed to the Wethersfield/Rocky Hill area, check out some fun things to do.

Wallingford Area Community Resources

Fun things to do in the Wallingford Area!

Bloomfield Area Community Resources

Bloomfield is full of fun things to do!  Check them out.

Bristol Area Community Resources

Have some fun in the Bristol Area.

New Britain Area Community Resources

Get out and play in New Britain!

South Windsor Community Resources

What to do in the South Windsor area!

Groton Area Community Resources

Fun things to do in the Groton area!

Avon Area Community Resources

Get active in Avon!

Enfield Area Community Resources

Find some fun things to do in Enfield!

Putnam Area Community Resources

Here are some fun things to do in the Putnam area!

Glastonbury Area Community Resources

If you live in the Glastonbury area, here are some fun ways to be active as a family.

Simsbury Area Community Resources

If you live or spend time in the Avon or Simsbury Area, check out these resources to get active!

Windham/Mansfield Area Community Resources

Find some fun things to do in the Windham and Mansfield areas!

Recipes—Whole Grain
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Sweet Potato, Spring Onion and Millet Fritters

Enjoy these healthy baked fritters as an appetizer, "burger" patty or salad topper.  They are delicious warm or cold!

Brown Rice Risotto

Try this risotto made with whole grain brown rice!

Vegetable Lasagna

A healthier lasagna made with whole grain noodles and filling veggies.

Whole Wheat Pizza

Pizza can be healthy too, make it with a whole grain crust and add loads of vegetables.

Homemade Apple Granola

A healthier granola recipe, loaded with fruit and no added sugar or fat.

Baked Oatmeal

An easy to prepare healthy oatmeal for the whole family. 

Oatmeal Cookies

A hearty cookie you can feel better about serving to your family.

Recipes—Fall and Winter
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Pumpkin Oatmeal

This easy morning oatmeal adds pumpkin for a fun fall touch and a serving of vegetables!

Butternut Squash Soup

Try this warming soup with fresh squash, or pick up some frozen squash for an even quicker meal.

Mushroom Soup

Mushrooms are a hearty and filling base for this cold weather soup.

Recipes—Fruits and Vegetables
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Kale Ravioli

Use kale in a whole new way!  Makes amazing ravioli.

Fruit Smoothies

For breakfast or a snack, this smoothie works well with almost any fruit!

Hot Peaches

Use fresh or frozen peaches in this easy side dish or dessert.

Black Bean Mango Salad

A great side dish providing a serving of fruit and high protein beans.

Easy Watermelon Sandwich

A simple and fresh snack.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Try this unique and healthy alternative to chicken wings next time you are watching a game.

Whole Wheat-Cornmeal Strawberrry Shortcakes

Try these whole grain shortcakes with your fresh summer strawberries.

Recipes—Lean Protein
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Chickpea Salad

Use chickpeas in place of chicken or tuna for this hearty sandwich topper.

Healthy Quesadillas

A fun way to get in a serving of lean protein and healthy vegetables.

Chicken Meatloaf

Lean ground chicken makes a lighter, tastier version of tradional meatloaf.

Pesto Chicken (or Tofu)

Pesto creates a flavorful sauce for chicken or tofu for a salad, sandwich or pizza topping.

Chicken (or Tofu) Stirfry

Lean protein plus a ton of veggies makes this a filling meal.

Healthy Me Handouts
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Healthy Living for Families-Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

Healthy Living for Families-Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2

Nutrition in Pregnancy

How to keep healthy and take care of your developing baby during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Tips

Here are some great tips on breastfeeding your new infant.

Proper Nutrition While Breastfeeding

A guide to giving your baby the best nutrition while you breastfeed.

Infant Nutrition

Nutrition tips for feeding your infant. 

Hunger Cues

Use these cues to determine if your infant is hungry and when he/she is full.

Introducing Solid Foods

How to introduce new foods to your infant.

Nutrition for the Young Child

Helpful hints on feeding your growing child.

Parenting 101

Parenting can be hard!  Here is some parenting advice to help you on your way.

Picky Eaters

Some help in feeding your picky eater.


Here's the reason why juice should be limited and a list of healthier options.


Your quick and easy guide to daily living.

Involving the Entire Family

Every day there are ways to make living healthy a family activity.

Portion Sizes

A helpful guide to how much to feed your child at any age.

Fruits and Vegetables

Here are some easy ways to add a fruit or veggie to every meal.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are loaded with nutrition.  Here are some ways to get more into your family's diet.

Lean Meats

Add some lean protein to your diet with these healthy tips.

Build a Better Lunchbox

Here are some tips on putting together a healthy lunch each day.  Mix and match, or add your favorite fruits and vegetables to the list!


Here are some strategies on reducing sugar every day.

Eating and Hydration for Young Athletes

Get some tips on eating healthy and staying hydrated while participating in sports.

Physical Activity

Need some ideas on how to be more active?  Check out these suggestions!

Eating Well on a Budget

Here are some ways to get great nutrition with a lower cost.

Eating Well on a Busy Schedule

Life gets busy!  Here are some ways to eat healthy, even when your schedule is booked. 

Staying Healthy When Eating Out

Eating out can add a lot of calories to your day.  Here are some healthier menu choices.

Parenting Teens

Parenting can get more complicated with teens. Here are some basic parenting skills to stick with as your child gets older.

Nutrition for Your Pre-teen and Teen

How to get healthy food in your more independent pre-teen and teen.

Healthy Nutrition and Teens

This information is for teens on healthy living and making good nutrition choices.

Eating Healthy at College

Fun tips on how to make healthy choices when at school.

Fad Diets

How to avoid making diet mistakes with fad diets. 


How to stay healthy over the holiday seasons.