Frequently Asked Questions

What is Healthy Me?

Healthy Me is ProHealth’s initiative to fight childhood obesity and support the overall health and well being of our families through nutrition and exercise counseling. The program is designed to have six sessions (every two months) with your primary care provider and a pediatric registered dietitian (click here for the dietitians' bios). However, every family is different and the program will be designed to fit your individual needs.

How can I be enrolled in Healthy Me?

The program itself can be initiated at your request or through consultation with your pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner. Ask your office staff, your provider, or call your local ProHealth pediatric office.

If I’m not a ProHealth patient, can I still be enrolled?

Yes. Simply contact ProHealth at 1-855-CTMD-411 and we will help determine which office near you is accepting new patients.

Are these visits covered by insurance?

Every health insurance plan is different, but these visits will be treated just like any acute visit (ex. ear infection, sore throat) with your usual copay applying.

Where will these visits take place?

All visits will take place in your usual pediatric office! Your office staff will work with you to schedule these sessions at a time most convenient for you and your family. If you are not currently a ProHealth patient, the visits will take place in a ProHealth pediatric office.

Who will I be meeting with?

Your appointment will have two parts: your family will first meet briefly with the primary care provider, who will conduct an initial assessment and get you ready for your visit with our pediatric registered dietitian. Total time for this session is expected to be 1 hour (15 minutes with your pediatrician and 45 minutes with the dietitian).