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Healthy Me—Helping Families Eat Well and Be Active
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Children and Family Handouts

Pre-Visit Checklists

Pre-visit Checklist—First Visit Please complete this checklist before your first visit with the dietitian.
Pre-visit Checklist—Follow-up Visits Please complete this checklist prior to all follow-up visits with the dietitian.
Spanish—Pre-visit Checklist Lista de comprobación antes de la visita.
Spanish—Intervalo Visita Checklist Intervalo Visita Checklist
Healthy Me Food Record Keep a log of what you are eating.

Family-Centered Handouts

Reasons to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Some great reasons to be healthy
Thinking About Making a Change? Here is some great support for making healthy changes.
Getting Ready to Make a Change? Helpful tips to getting started with your new healthy lifestyle
Healthy Living for Families—Newsletter #1 Newsletter #1
Healthy Living for Families—Newsletter #2 Newsletter #2
Nutrition in Pregnancy How to stay healthy and take care of your developing baby during pregnancy
Breastfeeding Tips Here are some great tips on breastfeeding your new infant.
Proper Nutrition While Breastfeeding A guide to giving your baby the best nutrition while you breastfeed
Infant Nutrition Nutrition tips for feeding your infant
Hunger Cues Use these cues to determine if your infant is hungry and when he/she is full.
Introducing Solid Foods How to introduce new foods to your infant
Infant Serving Sizes for 6–12 Months Old Appropriate serving sizes for your infant
Parenting 101 Parenting can be hard! Here is some parenting advice to help you on your way.
Nutrition for Your Young Child Helpful hints on feeding your growing child
Picky Eaters Some help in feeding your picky eater
Juice Here’s the reason why juice should be limited and a list of healthier options.
5-2-1-0 Your quick and easy guide to daily living
Involving the Entire Family Every day there are ways to make living healthy a family activity.
Families Eating Together Here are some great reasons why eating together as a family is important.
Portion Sizes A helpful guide that shows you how much to feed your child at any age
Tamaño de la Porción Una guía útil que muestra cómo mucho que alimenta a su niño a cualquier edad.
Nutrient Sticker Chart Keep track of your food group servings each day!
Fruits and Vegetables Here are some easy ways to add a fruit or veggie to every meal.
Whole Grains Whole grains are loaded with nutrition. Here are some ways to get more into your family’s diet.
Lean Meats and Other Protein Add some lean protein to your diet with these healthy tips.
Sugar Here are some strategies on reducing sugar every day.
Parenting Teens Helpful tips on parenting your teenager.
Nutrition for Your Pre-teen and Teen How to keep your growing teen well nourished.
Healthy Nutrition and Teens Ideas for teens on how to make their own healthy choices.
Eating Healthy at College Helpful tips on make great food choices when on your own.
Meatless Monday for MLK Day Try starting “Meatless Monday” at your house, and put the focus on veggies!

Nutrition for Specific Conditions or Dietary Needs

Iron-Rich Foods How to increase your daily iron intake
High Cholesterol What to do when your child has high cholesterol levels
Vegetarian Living Eating healthy on a vegetarian diet
Celiac and Pregnancy Eating well with Celiac disease while pregnant

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Need some ideas on how to be more active? Check out these suggestions!
Exercise Chart Keep track of your daily physical activity!
100 Moves—Younger kids Let’s try to do 100 moves to increase physical activity.
100 Moves—Make Your Own—Younger Kids Create your own 100 moves to do every day.
100 Moves—Preteens/Teens Let’s try to do 100 moves to increase physical activity.
100 Moves—Make Your Own—Preteens/Teens Create your own 100 moves to do every day.
Hacer 100 Movimientos Vamos a tratar de hacer 100 movimientos para aumentar la actividad física.
Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes How to stay healthy and hydrated when active in sports

Tips on Navigating a Busy World

Eating Well on a Budget Here are some ways to get great nutrition with a lower cost.
Eating Well on a Busy Schedule Life gets busy! Here are some ways to eat healthy, even when your schedule is booked.
Staying Healthy When Eating Out Eating out can add a lot of calories to your day. Here are some healthier menu choices.
Fad Diets How to avoid making diet mistakes with fad diets
Healthy Holidays How to stay healthy over the holiday seasons
Tips for Grandparents How to help create healthy behaviors for your grandchild
Smart Snacking Twenty-five healthy snack choices that are 250 calories or less
Smart Shopping Navigating the grocery store to make healthier choices