Welcome to ProHealth Hearing Center

Comprehensive Audiology Center

The ProHealth Hearing Center is a full service center aimed at providing accurate diagnosis and management of problems related to hearing and balance. With locations in Farmington and Manchester, the center utilizes the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques to perform thorough evaluations for patients age ten and older. Our range of services includes complete audiometric testing, audiologic rehabilitation and management of tinnitus (ringing in the ears). We also offer complete balance testing and treatment.

Team Approach

A collaborative team approach benefits patients at the The Hearing Center with our board certified specialists including Audiologists, Dr. Lynn Firestone, Dr. Christy Aurigemma and Maria Thompson as well as ear specialist Dr. Ben Wycherly and ENT physicians Drs. Seth Brown and Belachew Tessema.

Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative services such as hearing aids, hearing assistive technology and counseling are provided to ensure that our patients have the tools to achieve optimum communication. By working with a number of leading hearing aid manufacturers, we are able to meet the technological and budgetary needs of our patients.

Patient Testimonials

Quality of life is paramount, and losing the ability to hear can be emotionally painful. Loss of hearing introduces new and difficult challenges into daily routines. Patients of the ProHealth Hearing Center know that it doesn't have to be this way. To read what patients have said about their experiences working with our Hearing Center team, please link to our Patient Testimonials.