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Specializing in the treatment of hearing and balance disorders
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I consult with an audiologist first about my hearing health?

A: Audiologists are experts in diagnosing hearing loss and provide the most thorough examinations. As specialists in hearing loss rehabilitation, audiologists should be the providers speaking to you about how to manage any hearing-related problems, including whether or not hearing aids would be beneficial. There are several other forms of rehabilitation other than hearing aids and audiologists are the only providers with the education and experience to assist you with all aspects of treatment.

Q: How long will my appointment last?

A: The length of an appointment will depend on the reason for your visit.

  • Hearing Evaluation: 30–45 minutes
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation/Consultation: 1-hour appointment
  • Hearing Aid Fitting: 1-hour appointment
  • Hearing Aid Follow-Ups: 30-minute appointments (minimum of 3)
  • Specialty Testing: 15 minutes–2 hours

Please note: If your care is combined with Dr. Wycherly and an audiologist, it is likely that you will be scheduled for a hearing test prior to your physician appointment.

Q: What is the average life span of a hearing aid?

A:  The average life span of a hearing aid is five years. Hearing aid technology changes rapidly and new technology may benefit you greatly.

Q: Do insurance companies cover hearing aids?

A:  While some insurance companies cover the cost of hearing aids (or a portion), it is important to check your individual coverage to understand the terms. We are happy to check with your insurance company for you.

Q: Do hearing aids have warranties?

A:  Your hearing aids come with a manufacturer warranty. You may need hearing aid repairs. Hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated devices that are inserted in the ear canal where moisture and wax can cause malfunction. Regular and careful maintenance will prolong the life of your hearing aids. Should a problem arise, we will inspect them at the office and send them to the lab if they need more extensive repairs.

Q: Does ProHealth Hearing & Balance sell supplies (ie. hearing aid batteries)?

A:  We supply a wide array of hearing aid accessories and tools to assist you in cleaning, caring for, and organizing your devices. What you need will be discussed with you at your appointment with our audiologists.