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Specializing in the treatment of hearing and balance disorders
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Bone-Conducted Hearing Systems

A bone-conducted hearing system is a treatment option for hearing loss that occurs in one ear or conductive hearing loss (a structural or mechanical problem with the outer and/or middle ear). This system includes a surgically implanted snap or specially fit prosthesis that, paired with a sound processor, bypasses the damaged portions of the ear and transmits sound to a healthy inner ear.

Unilateral Hearing Loss

Patients with single-sided deafness (SSD) have normal hearing in one ear, and profound hearing loss in the opposite ear. With SSD, the ability to localize sound is lost. In addition, speech recognition can be very difficult. With Contra Lateral Routing of Signal (CROS) hearing aids and bone-anchored and soundbite devices, it is now possible to perceive sound in both ears. In essence, this allows for sound awareness when it is on the deaf side.

The technology such as automatic directional microphones and noise reduction systems help identify where sound is coming from. They will enhance your ability to pick up sound coming from the deaf side, and may allow you to hear more easily in background noise.