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Quality Work at Our Laboratory

Renown for Quality

From its inception, ProHealth Physicians Laboratory has placed great emphasis on achieving and maintaining status as a top ranking laboratory. The competition for ProHealth Lab business includes all of the large independent laboratories and every hospital laboratory in Connecticut. The fact that ProHealth Laboratory continues to grow is a testament to its success at producing a quality service for our clinicians.

The quality of the work done by a laboratory depends on many factors: 

  • Accurate test methods

  • Experienced technologists

  • Reliable couriers

  • Meticulous and courteous client service personnel

  • Knowledgeable billing department

  • Educated customers

Dedicated Team

The foundation of a great laboratory starts with the quality of its team. In the ProHealth Lab, every employee is part of our dedicated team and is trained to monitor for potential errors at all times. Our staff participates in regular meetings to ensure accurate planning, up-to-date communication and vital follow-up. Continuous improvements within the laboratory through equipment upgrades and system redesign requires regular retraining and retesting of our staff. Our lab has been extremely fortunate to recruit and maintain lab workers who value and enthusiastically support this focus on quality.

Great News!

In addition to all other major insurances, Quest Diagnostics now accepts both United Healthcare and Oxford insurance in Connecticut. This means that as a United Healthcare or Oxford member, you can use all Quest Diagnostics drawing stations across the state. All tests performed by the ProHealth Laboratory or Quest Diagnostics will be billed to your insurance directly.