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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I go to have my blood work drawn?

A: You may have specimens collected in your doctors’ office, at one of our ProHealth draw centers, or at a Quest Diagnostics draw center.

Q: How long should I fast if my doctor requires it prior to my blood work?

A: The recommended time for fasting is 8–12 hours.

Q: Whom should I contact to discuss results?

A: You will need to contact your doctor’s office directly to discuss lab results.

Q: Why do I visit a Quest Diagnostics facility to have my blood work done at the ProHealth Laboratory?

A: ProHealth Physicians has an established relationship with Quest Diagnostics. Your specimen will be collected in a Quest patient service center, then transported by a ProHealth courier to the ProHealth Laboratory for analysis.

Q: What about testing that is not performed at ProHealth?

A: When your specimen arrives at the ProHealth Laboratory, it will be processed and then routed to Quest Diagnostics for analysis.