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Other ProHealth Programs

ProHealth_HealthyMeGraphicColorHelping Families Eat Well and Be Active!

ProHealth Physicians is pleased to announce the launch of Healthy Me: a program designed to support the health of your family! Focused on the promotion of healthy lifestyles including increased physical activity, wholesome nutrition, and family centered care, Healthy Me seeks to provide your family with the resources needed to eat right and be fit. Offering a variety of services, our comprehensive program provides you with access to educational and community resources, tasty recipes, an interactive website, as well as a pediatric certified dietitian available for consultation in your child’s ProHealth office. Your pediatric provider and office staff are an essential part of this program, so ask them about it today and come join us in Healthy Me! To learn more, visit our website here.

ProHealth Uses New Technologies

ProHealth Physicians uses secure electronic health records to provide high-quality care with a patient-centered focus. If a patient who has a ProHealth primary care physician is referred to one of our specialists, that specialist has access to the patient’s entire chart, further ensuring continuity of care.

ProHealth Physicians is also excited to bring our patients the latest advance in personal healthcare management—myProHealth.

myProHealth is a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health and communicate directly with your doctor’s office online, for free. Using myProHealth, you can review your personal medical record including selected physician notes and medications, view test and lab results, request appointments and prescription refills, and much more. Learn more about myProHealth..

Access the myProHealth Patient Login page.

ProHealth Physicians Travel Medicine

Our personalized consultations are informative and convenient, designed to help you prepare for your travels so that you can relax before you reach your destination. You will receive excellent care and advice, and know which medical precautions are needed for the trip you have planned. If you will be traveling outside the United States, try to plan ahead. The best time to be seen for travel preventatives is 4-6 weeks prior to your trip. We hope all of your travels are safe and healthy experiences!