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Patient Information

Communication with a Capital “C”

Trust and respect are the cornerstones of a healthy doctor/patient relationship. We believe that the key to establishing this type of relationship is communication. We employ a team of doctors and superb office staff who will work very closely with you to foster a warm and caring environment in which to address your family’s needs and concerns. Our skilled nurses are responsible for assisting you in the office and responding to medical questions over the phone. They are more than eager to answer any and all questions and routinely consult with our doctors during the day to maximize continuity. On those occasions when your call requires that you speak directly with a physician, the doctor will generally call back during lunch or in the evening.

As our practice grows, we are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining our focus on the needs of each individual child. This has always been our tradition. We can best benefit the children we serve and their families by working together and sharing important information about mutual concerns. Our ultimate goal is to foster a supportive atmosphere where we can provide our expertise and guidance in dealing with issues and problems that are unique to children.

Scheduling Appointments

Sick Visits

We believe that children have distinctive problems which demand insightful and timely solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to see all acutely ill children the same day that their parents call for an appointment, providing the call is received during our regular hours. Calls earlier in the day will facilitate scheduling. When arranging a visit for a more complicated problem, inform our staff of the nature of your problem so that we may allot adequate time to address these concerns.

Preventive Health Check-Ups

Ongoing concerns are best addressed during routine preventive health check-ups which are an excellent time to explore issues related to physical growth, motor development, social and emotional maturation, feeding and sleep problems, school readiness, and the transitions of adolescence. We encourage you to write down your questions prior to health maintenance check-ups in order to assure that all your concerns are addressed. Appointments for routine check-ups will require advance notice. This is especially true for school, sports, or camp physicals during the summer when at least six weeks advance planning is suggested.

We realize that your time is valuable and we try to see all visits as close to the appointed time as possible. Occasionally, emergencies arise which require that we tend to a child in distress who does not have a regular appointment. This will inevitably lead to minor scheduling delays. Your patience under these circumstances is appreciated. If you are running late or need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please call our office as soon as possible in order to accommodate your needs and minimize the waiting time for others.

Fees, Billing, and Insurance

Our office participates with most insurance plans. All fees for services not covered by your insurance are due and payable at the time of your visit. This includes all insurance co-pays. Call 860-409-7700 or toll-free in CT at 800-268-2055 if there are any questions regarding your bill, or if there are changes or corrections regarding your insurance coverage.

ProHealth_HealthyMeGraphicColorHealthy Me—Helping Families Eat Well and Be Active!

Shoreline Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine is pleased to offer Healthy Me—a program designed to help your family develop a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Me helps you increase your physical activity and learn about wholesome nutrition, and provides your family with the resources needed to eat right and be fit. Our program gives you access to educational and community resources, tasty recipes, an interactive website, and a certified dietitian—right here in our office! Your doctor and our office staff are an essential part of this program, so ask us about it today. To learn more, visit the Healthy Me website here.