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Specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders
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About Our Services

YawningSleep disorders affect people of all ages. The highly skilled specialists and staff at the ProHealth Sleep Center can assess and treat patients six years and older. For the comfort and convenience of children who participate in a ProHealth sleep study, parents can occupy a room with their child containing two queen beds. This way, your child can room with one or both parents to minimize his or her fear and anxiety, especially from being alone in a new place.

Sleep Test Glossary

Learn about the different kinds of sleep studies.

What to Expect from Your Sleep Visit

Read about what you’ll experience, from the time you are referred to beginning treatment.

In-Lab Sleep Testing

Our Sleep Center offers in-lab sleep testing to diagnose a variety of sleep disorders.

Home Sleep Testing

Now you can have a sleep study in your own home!

Consultations, Office Visits, and Treatment

Our skilled clinicians and staff will guide you through each step of treatment.