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Patient Information

ProHealth_HealthyMeGraphicColorHealthy Me—Helping Families Eat Well and Be Active!

Windham Pediatrics is pleased to announce the launch of Healthy Me: a program designed to support the health of your family! Focused on the promotion of healthy lifestyles including increased physical activity, wholesome nutrition, and family centered care, Healthy Me seeks to provide your family with the resources needed to eat right and be fit. Offering a variety of services, our comprehensive program provides you with access to educational and community resources, tasty recipes, an interactive website, as well as a pediatric certified dietitian available for consultation at Windham Pediatrics. Dr. Maduka and our office staff are an essential part of this program, so ask them about it today! To learn more, visit Healthy Me.

Electronic Medical Records                                                  

Our practice is proud to be using secure electronic health records, enabling us to more efficiently document, retrieve, and track all of our patients’ health information. We are also pleased to offer our patient the myProHealth patient portal, where you can view your child’s medical records online.

Learn more about the myProHealth Patient Portal.

Our Services

We care for all problems that arise in childhood, including:

  • Sick newborns and children
  • Infants with fevers, feeding questions, or irregular sleep habits
  • Toddlers with temper tantrums or toilet-training questions
  • School children with attention deficit and behavior issues
  • Asthma, allergies, and eczema
  • Teens with sports injuries, acne, and puberty issues

Prenatal Conferences

Choosing a pediatrician is an important decision because you will be working with your pediatrician for many years. We enjoy becoming acquainted with prospective parents at our office at a quiet time before your baby is born. This will allow you to ask questions and discuss general matters relating to infant care. There is no charge for this visit.

Well-Child Care

We recommend that newborns have a series of regular visits beginning at two weeks of age, continuing every couple of months throughout their first year of life. During this crucial first year, we will evaluate your baby’s growth and development and perform a complete physical exam, noting and reviewing any problems. Required immunizations will be administered and recorded. Older children often need an exam every year as required by daycares, schools, sports programs, or camps.

At every well-child visit, in addition to a physical exam and the needed immunizations, we will review various issues such as feeding, nightwaking, bedwetting, discipline, preventing falls, poison control, accident prevention, and nutrition. We encourage you to bring a list of concerns; we will allow time to talk about them.

Our staff is trained to deal with the development, special problems, and diseases of children. We also have written material outlining most common health problems.


When your child or adolescent is scheduled for an appointment, we ask that a parent or legal guardian be present since immunizations may be necessary. Connecticut law requires that a parent or legal guardian must receive and review the vaccine information sheet for each vaccine your child will receive. If your child is coming in for vaccines without a parent or guardian, contact us for the necessary information in advance.

Prescription Refills

Please call your pharmacy for refills of your prescriptions. The pharmacist will contact our office if doctor approval is necessary. While we try to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible with prescription refills, please allow 72 hours for us to contact your pharmacist. Prescriptions for controlled substances, such as Ritalin, must be picked up at the office and cannot be mailed or faxed.

Cell Phone Use During Office Visits

If it is necessary for you to use your phone while in our office prior to your office visit, please step outside the office or into our foyer to complete your phone call. While in the exam room, please turn your phone off or select a silent setting.

Camp & School Forms

Because of the high volume of forms to process, especially during the summer months, please allow five business days for forms to be completed. We can return forms by mail (with a self-addressed stamped envelope), fax, or by picking up during office hours. Forms can be completed during your scheduled physical exam if you have filled out the applicable sections in advance.

Insurance Co-Payments

Co-payments are due at the time of service. While we are familiar with most insurance plans, some companies offer different options to their employees under their plans. It is important for you to be familiar with your individual plan, and it is always a good idea to contact your insurance company for specific details of your plan, as any unpaid balances will be the your responsibility.