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ProHealth Management

ProHealth Physicians, Inc.
Board of Directors

Charles L. H. Staub, MD, Chairman
Gerald Bayona, MD
David Brown, MD
Stephen Bryant, MD
Tim Buckley, DO
Kelly DeKeyser
Stuart Herlands, MD
Jeffrey Howe, MD
Kevin Kelly
Edgardo Mercadante, R.Ph.
Jonathan Rosen, MD
Eric Rosenberg, MD
David Ross-Russell, MD
Laurence Tanner

ProHealth Physicians, PC
Board of Directors

Charles L. H. Staub, MD, Chairman
Thomas Agresta, MD
Nancy Austin, MD
Joseph Babiarz, MD
Sherry Banack, MD
Jeffrey Goldberg, MD
Michael Good, MD
Minh Han, MD
Jay Kaplan, MD
J. Carey Laporte, MD
Joan Quinn, MSN, FAAN
Eleanor Seiler, MD
Christopher Veale, MD
Harry Weinerman, MD

ProHealth Physicians, Inc.
Management Council

Charles L. H. Staub, MD, Chairman of the Board
Jack Reed, President and Chief Executive Officer
Philip Pin, CPA, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
James Cox-Chapman, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Tim Barnard, Senior Vice President, Ancillary Services
Richard Lugli, Senior Vice President and General Counsel
Bethany Kieley, MBA, Vice President, Practice Operations
Cheryl Lescarbeau, Vice President, Clinical Performance
John Lynch, Vice President, Research and Government Affairs
Douglas Magazu, Vice President
Louis Mangano, Vice President, Practice Development
Jenn Searls, MHA, Vice President, Information Services