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Serle M. Epstein and Staff Join the ProHealth Family

November 15, 2016

ProHealth Physicians is thrilled to welcome Serle M. Epstein, MD, and staff to its roster.
The Madison-based practice officially joined the company on November 1.
“This gives me an opportunity to better collaborate with other doctors and maintain the quality of my practice,” he said.
For Dr. Epstein, volunteering is at the heart of being a health provider. Judging from his accomplishments, it’s easy to see that Dr. Epstein practices what he preaches. He’ll also continue to do volunteer work, which includes supervising free clinics in New Haven and student-run farm worker clinics.
He is an associate professor of internal medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, among other teaching appointments. He’s earned many awards and honors as a result.
His greatest act of volunteerism may be establishing and sustaining the Mission Clinic of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Annual visits and fundraising since 2001 have helped to turn the rural clinic in Guadalupe, Ecuador, into a self-sustaining facility.
He was named an honorary citizen of the town and issued a certificate of appreciation by the Vatican in the name of Pope John Paul II.
Dr. Epstein continues to work towards the future of small town medicine—no matter what part of the world it is in. “I’m proud that I have am able to have a traditional internal medicine care practice in a small community.”