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Archived Recipes

Fruits and Vegetables

Easy Watermelon Sandwich A fun way to add a savory twist on summer melon.
Butternut Squash Soup Try this warming soup with fresh squash, or pick up some frozen squash for an even quicker meal.
Pumpkin Oatmeal This easy morning oatmeal adds pumpkin for a fun fall touch and a serving of vegetables.
Mushroom Soup Mushrooms are a hearty and filling base for this cold weather soup.

Whole Grains

Brown Rice Risotto Try this risotto made with whole grain brown rice.
Oatmeal Cookies A hearty cookie you can feel better about serving to your family.

Lean Protein

Pesto Chicken or Tofu Pesto creates a flavorful sauce for chicken or tofu for a salad, or as a sandwich or pizza topping.
Chickpea Salad Use chickpeas in place of chicken or tuna for this hearty sandwich topper.