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Healthy Me—Helping Families Eat Well and Be Active
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Featured Recipes

Raw Brownies Enjoy these healthy brownies made from 100% whole ingredients!

Whole Grain

Sweet Potato Millet Fritters Enjoy these healthy baked fritters as an appetizer, “burger” patty, or salad topper. They are delicious warm or cold!
Whole Wheat-Cornmeal Strawberry Shortcakes Whole grain shortcakes create a hearty base for fresh strawberries.
Vegetable Lasagna Make a healthier lasagna made with whole grain noodles and filling veggies.
Whole Wheat Pizza Pizza can be healthy too—make it with a whole grain crust and add loads of vegetables.
Homemade Apple Granola A healthier granola recipe, loaded with fruit and no added sugar or fat.
Baked Oatmeal An easy-to-prepare healthy oatmeal for the whole family.

Fruits and Vegetables

Kale Ravioli Use kale in a whole new way—it makes amazing ravioli.
Homemade Larabars Make your own fruit and nut bars, with no added sugar!
Fruit Smoothies For breakfast or a snack, this smoothie works well with almost any fruit.
Hot Peaches Use fresh or frozen peaches in this easy side dish or dessert.
Black Bean Mango Salad A great side dish providing a serving of fruit and high protein beans.
Buffalo Cauliflower Try this unique and healthy alternative to chicken wings next time you’re watching the big game.
Peach Arugula Pizza Try this delicious summer pizza pie, and check our list of sun protective foods.

Lean Protein

Easy Hummus Make your own hummus with just a blender or food processor!
Healthy Quesadillas A fun way to get in a serving of lean protein and healthy vegetables.
Chicken Meatloaf Lean ground chicken makes a lighter, tastier version of tradional meatloaf.
Chicken or Tofu Stir Fry Lean protein plus a ton of veggies makes this a filling meal.