Reasons to lead a healthy lifestyle


ProHealth Physicians is proud to offer Healthy Me, ideas to help your whole family eat healthy and move more.

Talk to your Healthy Me dietitian about what foods your child should eat. A dietitian is an expert on healthy eating. Your dietitian will work with you to make changes for healthy eating. 


Here are five great reasons to get moving:

  1. Build strong muscles. 
  2. Burn calories.
  3. Keep your heart healthy. 
  4. Build strong bones. 
  5. It’s fun for the whole family. 

Here are five tasty reasons to eat healthy:

  1. Whole foods are 100% healthy and good for you. 
  2. Each food group has something your body needs: protein, fiber, vitamins and healthy fats. 
  3. You’ll have more energy each day. 
  4. It’s good for every part of you — your bones, heart, muscles and brain — you name it.
  5. Eating fresh food also helps support local farms. You can find a farm and pick your own food right off the vine. 

Talk to your child’s doctor at your local ProHealth office to learn more about being healthy. Or, you can schedule a visit with your in-office dietitian if you want one-on-one help to get healthy. 



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