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Specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders
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Welcome to ProHealth Sleep Center!

Sleep GroupNearly 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. The ProHealth Sleep Center is proud to offer a wide scope of care to treat them. When untreated, sleep disorders can contribute to common problems including reduced short-term memory or concentration, anxiety, depression, and even pain sensitivity. Our office is staffed with providers who have experience diagnosing and treating sleep disorders such as

Sleep studies performed at the ProHealth Sleep Center sleep labs, located in West Hartford and Wallingford, are comfortable and technologically advanced centers that specialize in the diagnosis of sleep disorders.

Dr. James O’Brien, board certified in sleep medicine, pulmonology, and internal medicine, oversees operations and interpretation of sleep studies at the ProHealth Sleep Center.

Sleep Apnea—What Is It?

Loud, constant snoring can indicate a potentially life-threatening disorder called sleep apnea. Learn More

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