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Primary Care Coalition of Connecticut

Primary Care Coalition

The Primary Care Coalition of Connecticut is a group of health care professionals from across Connecticut who have united to help build and promote a more effective system of primary health care for our state. We believe that primary care must play a central role in a redesigned health care system that meets the needs of the people of Connecticut. We come from diverse backgrounds, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, public health workers, community health centers, government health programs, education professionals, home health professionals, quality improvement organizations, and private medical practices.

Upcoming Primary Care Coalition Meeting

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February 26th, 2018

Topic: The Evolving Role of Pharmacists in Primary Care

Location: ProHealth Physicians, Central Office | 3 Farm Glen Boulevard | Farmington, CT

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Interested in attending? Contact us to RSVP!

We welcome the opportunity to serve as a resource to your office as you consider healthcare reform options for Connecticut.

Today, health care reform challenges us at the state and national level.  As we debate the outline and next steps in this reform effort, we believe that these central principles are critical to success:

  • Everyone should have access to affordable, high quality health care.
  • Primary care must play a central role in an effective and affordable health care system.
  • Access to primary health care is essential in building a system that not only treats disease, but prevents illness and enhances our quality of life.
  • Primary care can significantly reduce the cost of care through prevention, early detection, optimal intervention, and efficient coordination of care.
  • Every person should have a primary care clinician to provide basic, coordinated care, as in the patient-centered medical home.

This is our vision statement as a coalition for change and transformation:

“The Primary Care Coalition of Connecticut serves as a unified voice for the essential role of primary care in reforming the healthcare system in our state. Our core membership represents the broad spectrum of providers throughout primary care. We advocate with legislators, payers, employers and citizens for a well organized primary care foundation as the best way to achieve universal access, improve quality, and control costs. We promote efforts to transform our current primary care structure into a more effective model, including the principle of a medical home for all people. In support of our common platform, we seek the endorsement and collaboration of all stakeholders in the health care system in our state.”

Our current health care system is expensive, fragmented, and lacks universal access, while producing inconsistent outcomes.  Much work will be needed from all stakeholders to move to a better system that includes everyone. Changes in workforce policy, financial incentives, and investment priorities will be essential to achieving this goal. To support this process of change, The Primary Care Coalition of Connecticut serves as an advocate to the public, as a resource to policy makers in the legislature and payer community, as a clearing house for ideas, and as a focal point for activity to improve our existing primary care base. The members of the Coalition are committed to this purpose and seek others to join us in our effort and collaborate to improve the health of the people of our state.

 Primary Care Coalition Members

CHCACTCommunity Health Center Association of Connecticut CHCCommunity Health Center, Inc. CAFPConnecticut Academy of Family Physicians
CAPAConnecticut Academy of Physician Assistants Connecticut AvatarConnecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society AHECConnecticut Area Health Education Center
Connecticut Association for Healthcare at Home CCPCConnecticut Center for Primary Care, Inc.  logoConnecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
CT logoConnecticut Chapter of the American College of Physicians CT Public Health AssociationConnecticut Public Health Association CSMSConnecticut State Medical Society
CT State Medical SocietyConnecticut State Medical Society—IPA HFNHealthWise Family Network MPSMedical Professional Services, Inc.
Middlesex HospitalMiddlesex Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program National Physicians AllianceNational Physicians Alliance, Connecticut Chapter PCPPrimary Care Progress—Quinnipiac Chapter
PCPPrimary Care Progress—UConn Chapter PCPPrimary Care Progress—Yale Chapter ProHealthProHealth Physicians
Qualidigm LogoQualidigm QuinnipiacQuinnipiac University Physician Assistant Program SoundviewSoundview Medical Associates
SFHPSt. Francis Healthcare Partners UConnUniversity of Connecticut/St. Francis Family Medicine Residency Program YaleYale Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency