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A Word From Our Chairman

The Connecticut Center for Primary Care (CCPC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to primary care. Founded in 2002 by ProHealth Physicians, CCPC engages in research and education that strengthens the central role of primary care in an evolving healthcare system. At the time of its founding, CCPC was the first organization of its kind in the history of our state.

With respect to research, CCPC maintains a growing portfolio of studies and published research that addresses the key challenges facing primary care. Taking on issues such as patient safety in ambulatory settings, the impact of workflow and delivery structure, or the systematic incorporation of patient values and goals into the care delivery process, CCPC is a place for researchers to explore new territory and to establish new evidence to guide primary care as it moves into the realm of population health. In pursuit of these goals, CCPC has created linkages with academic institutions within the state and with practice based research networks from across the country.

On the front of education, CCPC coordinates the education of primary care professionals in training in community based practice settings at sites within ProHealth Physicians across the state. More than a field placement service, CCPC establishes coordinated primary care training opportunities in a high-functioning, team-based environment that embraces change and that  integrates into the curricula of the most forward-looking educational institutions in the state. CCPC also fosters student research with mentoring and organizational support.

In pursuit of transformation, CCPC sponsors two ongoing efforts that enable primary care within our state to adapt and evolve. One is the CCPC Annual Primary Care Summit, which brings together the primary care community across the state once each year and serves as a fundraiser for CCPC. The theme of the Summit is chosen to highlight a particular area of challenge – i.e. integrating primary care and public health, specialist relations, medical home, accountable care models, etc.

CCPC is a 501c-3,  non profit entity governed by an independent Board of Directors of healthcare professionals and civic leaders. Through the leadership of its board and executive team, CCPC is creating new opportunities to strengthen and grow primary care and to engage the next generation of clinicians in carrying forward this mission. We invite you to explore with us how we can strengthen primary care in our communities and nation over the decades ahead.