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ProHealth Physicians—Trusted Local Doctors Statewide for You and Your Family

As a leading physician organization, ProHealth is committed to providing quality healthcare services. What makes us different is our understanding that the practice of medicine must continue beyond the walls of the exam room.

The traditional approach to healthcare is treating patients who are already sick. At ProHealth, we have designed a program that emphasizes prevention and screening measures in order to preserve wellness. By doing so, we strive to minimize the occurrence of illness and moderate the onset of more serious medical conditions.

For those who are acutely ill, we are committed to early intervention with coordinated care that restores health. Our disease management programs and tools enable us to improve the care and management of patients who have chronic medical conditions as well.

We recognize that quality is defined in a variety of ways. Our performance model will always focus on clinical services and outcomes; but we believe that customer service and affordability are equally important in providing a positive healthcare experience. We will continue to identify opportunities for additional improvement and change in these areas so that enhancements will be continually integrated into our care model.

As the healthcare system continues to evolve and introduce new challenges, ProHealth will be prepared. Our commitment to our healthcare partners will not change. We will continue to measure ourselves based on the value we add to our relationships.