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Ear, Nose & Throat

Our ENTs are among the most skilled specialists in New England. We can treat everything from simple ear infections to complex conditions. And we’re passionate about giving patients with head and neck concerns the best possible medical care. 

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Family medicine

Our family practice physicians provide complete, lifelong care for newborns to seniors. We also make it easy to get the care you need, when and where you need it. Offices are located throughout Connecticut, and most offer extended hours. 

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Hearing & Balance

ProHealth Hearing & Balance is passionate about improving hearing health and quality of life. Our care team includes ear and hearing and balance specialists. All use the latest tools and techniques. And all work closely with ProHealth Physicians Ear, Nose & Throat. 

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ProHealth Imaging Centers are a trusted resource for expert imaging. All tests are done by skilled technicians, and your doctor will get results the day your test is done. Centers are located throughout Connecticut. 

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Internal medicine (adult care)

Our internal medicine doctors provide complete health care services for adults. The focus is on prevention to promote wellness and detect problems in their earliest stages. If you’re ever seriously ill, we oversee all care and act quickly to help restore your health. 

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ProHealth Laboratory is a leading clinical laboratory. We’re known for our superb staff, high standards and fast, accurate results. We offer a wide range of tests, and our equipment is among the best in any outpatient lab in Connecticut. 

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Our pediatricians are devoted to the health and well-being of children from infants to young adults. We provide a full range of care, including well-child exams, caring for injuries and illnesses, and coordinating services if specialty care is needed. 

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Sleep Services

Our sleep services team diagnoses and treats sleep disorders of all kinds. We’ll work closely with you and your primary care doctor every step of the way. All care is personalized and focused on helping you get the sleep you need. 

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