ProHealth offers lactation support for mothers

July 1, 2022


At ProHealth Physicians, we have support systems for women who may need help breastfeeding. We have both Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) in many of our offices throughout the state.


We are proud to offer the following services to mothers, who are interested:

  • Help with position, latch and intake for baby, including: 
    • Multiples
    • Induced lactation
    • Premature infants
    • Medically complex
  • Support for mothers with a history of breast issues, including breast surgery
  • Assistance with common breastfeeding difficulties:
    • Breast infections
    • Low milk production
    • Oversupply
    • Plugged ducts
    • Sore nipples
    • Weaning
  • Education on how to store and prepare breast milk
  • Help breastfeeding moms returning to work or school: 
    • Pumping 
    • Stopping milk production

Our lactation-certified clinicians


Make an appointment

To schedule an appointment, call us toll-free at 1-855-CTMD-411 (1-855-286-3411).


ProHealth and Mother's Milk Bank Northeast 

ProHealth became a depot for Mother's Milk Bank Northeast on February 2020. We expanded to become a dispensary in April 2022. 

A milk bank collects milk from mothers who have more milk than their babies need. Milk is then screened, pasteurized and tested. It is then dispensed it to babies whose mothers do not have enough milk for them.

Learn more about our partnership with Mother's Milk Bank Northeast. Read the full article.


Become a donor

To learn more about becoming a donor please visit Mother's Milk Bank Northeast to start the screening process. Once you’ve been screened, you can schedule a drop-off time at ProHealth by calling 1-860-652-3325.

Get milk

To learn more about receiving donated milk, please visit Mother's Milk Bank Northeast to learn more.