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Patient & Family Advisory Council

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We Want Your Feedback!

At ProHealth Physicians, we are focused on providing the best care and service possible. We encourage and welcome feedback from our patients and their families. If you are a ProHealth patient, family member, or caregiver of a ProHealth patient, please consider joining our Patient & Family Advisory Council. Your voice will help us make decisions and put our patients’ needs at the center of all we do.


What Is a Patient & Family Advisory Council?

A Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a council made up of patients, family members, and ProHealth Physicians staff that involves patients and families in our processes and creates a forum for direct communication and feedback. This helps us keep our patients at the center of the care we provide.


The Role of Our Patients and Their Families

Our PFAC community members who participate on the PFAC will:

  • Actively contribute to positive change on behalf of patients
  • Partner with staff and providers to provide input on policy and
    program development
  • Serve as champions of the patient experience at ProHealth
  • Promote dignity and respect for all patients and family members


The Role of ProHealth Staff

ProHealth Physicians staff who participate on the PFAC will:

  • Encourage partnerships and collaboration among our staff,
    providers, patients, and families
  • Build a link between ProHealth and the community
  • Be open to feedback from our patients and their families


To participate in our PFAC, we ask for a modest time commitment:

  • Attendance at a two-hour meeting 3–4 times per year
  • Occasional email or phone communication between meetings


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