Eating well on a busy schedule


Life often gets in the way of eating healthy. Here are some tips to help keep you and your family on track. Eating healthy and following these simple tips will help you keep your energy up during your busiest days.


Preplan the week 

Before grocery shopping, plan your meals for the week. This will help you with eating healthy and make sure you’ll have all the ingredients. Planning ahead also prevents you from buying junk food. Shop for frozen or canned options, especially in the winter months.

Think about dinner in the morning

Take out frozen meats and vegetables to make prep time much easier.


Bring healthy snacks on the road

If you have evening sports or other activities, pack a picnic. Veggies and Greek yogurt dip, whole wheat sandwiches, fresh fruit and trail mix can be easy and fun foods to bring along.

Make good choices eating out 

Choose healthy options like lean meats, salads, vegetable sides and whole grain breads. Ask the wait staff to package half of your meal to go so that you are eating a proper serving size.

Keep healthy food easy to see 

Place fruits on the counter to grab easily in a hurry. Prepare healthy trail mix with nuts and dried fruits. Store healthy fruits and vegetables at eye level in the refrigerator so it’s the first choice you see.

Make a healthy dessert sometimes 

Baked apples, hot peaches or a small fruit smoothie are all healthy choices.

Always ask your physician with questions.