Families that eat together are healthier


Did you know that something as simple as eating family meals can improve the health and well-being of your child?


Years ago, it was common for all families to eat together around the table, usually for three meals a day. Today, the dining room table is often empty. The children are in their rooms, in front of the TV or away at a soccer game.

Meals are often unplanned. Foods are chosen because they’re easy to prepare, not because they’re healthy. This lack of structured meal time is unhealthy for children.


Children who eat meals with their family:

  • Are more likely to be a healthy weight
  • Eat more healthy foods
  • Are less likely to have eating problems
  • Are more emotionally healthy
  • Do better in school
  • Are happier with their lives

Planning for family meals:

  • Make family meals a priority.
  • Don’t have time to cook? Use the crock pot. Cook meals ahead of time and freeze.
  • Ask children to help. Even young ones can help set the table. Older kids can help plan meals and fix some dishes food.
  • Turn off the TV at dinner. Leave phones in the other room.
  • Talk to each other about your day or the food you are eating. Have fun.
  • Eating together for even one or two meals a week is good for the whole family.


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