Happy, healthy holidays


The holidays are fun family times. Unfortunately, they’re also a time of extra calories. From Halloween through New Year’s, extra calories sneak in and exercise sneaks out. Don’t give up healthy habits for the season. Here are some healthy tips:


1. Keep moving

If you are out doing holiday shopping, take the longest walking route to the store you need.

Make each season fun.

  • The fall is a wonderful time to get outside. Go for daily walks in the falling leaves. Go apple or pumpkin picking. Find a local hay maze to walk through.
  • In the winter, bundle up with a coat and boots and do something outside. Sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding or hiking are all great choices. If it really is too cold to go out, play a game inside like Simon Says and include some jumping jacks.

2. Choose sweets and snacks wisely

If you have to go to a lot of parties, try to make healthy decisions in the days before. At the parties, help your child choose healthier items to put on their plate along with some fun foods. Veggies and dip, fruit, green salad, lean meats or fish all work well. 

Try not to drink your calories. Some water with a splash of juice or a squeeze of fresh fruit are nice low-calorie choices.

3. Give away some of what you bake

You can still have family together time and bake holiday cookies. This year, try eating just a few with a glass of milk or hot chocolate. Then, take a trip together and give the rest to a soup kitchen or family shelter. Bring some holiday cheer to a friend or neighbor.

4. Do something different with leftovers

You can make some healthy meals with your leftovers. You don’t have to have a huge meal every day until they’re gone. Share leftovers with guests. Cut back on portions so there isn’t as much left. Add a fresh vegetable and salad each day to balance your meals.

5. Make breakfast healthy

Start the holiday morning with a healthy meal. Make some pumpkin oatmeal, a vegetable omelet or fruit smoothies. Save pancakes, waffles or breakfast casseroles for another special day. Look at the recipe section of our website.

6. Don’t lose your healthy focus

Never let yourself or your family think you will get back on track with healthy living after the holidays. You don’t want to eat too much for weeks or months. You should always try to show your family healthy habits. 

You can fully enjoy the holidays without it being all about food and sweets. Check out some holiday stories from the library and spend time reading together. Create a holiday play. Or, do one of the fun ideas listed above to keep moving.