Thinking about making a change?


How moving and eating healthy helps you:  

  • Helps you sleep better
  • Gives you more energy 
  • Improves digestion, or how food moves through your body 
  • Boosts your focus at school and work 
  • Improves your mood 

See the change:

  • Picture you and your family being active and feeling great. Think about how these changes will make your lives better and longer. 
  • Try replacing some packaged food items in your home with whole foods. Sometimes we don’t realize how bad packaged food can make us feel. 
  • Go through the cabinets and plan some easy switches. Try whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta. Try a peanut butter that only says “peanuts” on the label instead of one with added sugar and trans fat. It’s still peanut butter, but it’s much better for your body.

Take the next step: 

  • Make a list of ways to move more each day. Use the Get Active section on the Healthy Me website for fun ideas on how to get your family to move more.
  • Pick out some healthy recipes. Print a few recipes from the Healthy Me website. Make a grocery list with the items you need. Cook together as a family.
  • Go to a farmers’ market to try new foods. Find a new vegetable to try. (For example, have you ever heard of Kabocha squash? You can eat the green skin.) Try new fresh foods and buy some to take home.



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