Parenting teens


Parenting is a big responsibility. Parenting a teen can be difficult. It may seem easier to give them freedom to make their own food choices. But you’re the boss. You need to set rules and set an example. Here are a few tips on parenting your teen and what your responsibilities are.


Make a healthy eating plan

Make sure your teen has a healthy eating plan. This starts at home. What you serve should be healthy. Your teen should know that you feel healthy foods are an important part of their eating plan. Teens typically eat junk food because it’s in the house.


Limit TV and video games

Teens need to move around every day. Keep the TV out of your teen’s room. Give them other activities that will help them move around more and have fun. It’s okay to say that cell phones be turned off during certain times of the day. Suggest they get up and move around.

Talk to your teen in a safe way

Healthy eating and moving around more is about their health, now and in the future. It’s not about appearance. Let your teen know you’re there to help them make healthy changes. If you think your teen worries too much about appearance or weight, talk to your doctor.

Show your teen

You need to be the person you hope your teen will become. Do you take care of yourself? Do you eat right? Do you move around? These are things you should show and teach. Being a healthy parent can only help you and your future, as well as your teen.

Prepare your teen for adulthood

Talk to them about health, weight and eating well. Find out what your child thinks. Try not to lecture. They will be on their own soon. It’s important they know the value of healthy eating and moving around.

Cook a healthy meal together. Go for a family hike. Show your teen a healthy, fun way to live. Be sure you’re teaching your teen the skills to carry this out when they are on their own. Talk about good choices and how to move around on a busy schedule.