Physical movement


Physical movement is an essential part of being healthy. Today, we have less free time and there are many unhealthy options to fill it. Here are some tips to help you and your children find the time to move around more:


Try to have a lifestyle full of movement

Make physical movement a part of life. Walk as much as you can. Go for bike rides. Park at the furthest point away in the parking lot. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Look for ways to move more. 

Exercise and move as a family

In order to be successful, any plan to move more must be family-based. It’s more fun that way and your kids are more likely to do it if you do. Also, this way, one family member doesn’t get singled out.


Being on a sports team is not enough

With all the video games and TV time, every child will need something more than just being on the baseball team or joining a gymnastics class. Shut off your phone and TV. Go outside.

Limit screen time

A child’s chances of having a health problem go up with more screen time. We favor no more than two hours of total screen time per day. Screen time means all devices. We suggest no TV for children less than two years of age and no TV in a child’s room.

Be a role model

As with every change, the best thing you can do is show your child. Get out there and jog. Join a spinning class. Use that exercise machine. Whatever you choose, include your child. Many gyms have exercise programs designed just for kids.



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