Reasons to lead a healthy lifestyle


Here are five great reasons to get moving:

  1. Build strong muscles. 
  2. Burn calories.
  3. Keep your heart healthy. 
  4. Build strong bones. 
  5. It’s fun for the whole family. 

Here are five tasty reasons to eat healthy:

  1. Whole foods are 100% healthy and good for you. 
  2. Each food group has something your body needs: protein, fiber, vitamins and healthy fats. 
  3. You’ll have more energy each day. 
  4. It’s good for every part of you — your bones, heart, muscles and brain — you name it.
  5. Eating fresh food also helps support local farms. You can find a farm and pick your own food right off the vine. 

Talk to your child’s doctor at your local ProHealth office to learn more about being healthy. Or, you can schedule a visit with your in-office dietitian if you want one-on-one help to get healthy. 


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