COVID-19 testing

September 12, 2022


Need a COVID-19 POC or PCR test for you or your child?

ProHealth Physicians offers COVID-19 testing for our pediatric and adult patients in all of our primary care offices. 

We do Abbott IDNow same-day testing and PCR lab testing.

Call your doctor's office to book a testing appointment. When possible, we will test you outside from your car.

If you present with COVID-19 symptoms and have a negative POC test, we may send your sample to our lab to confirm.

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Need the COVID-19 vaccine or information?

If you aren't vaccinated yet, we encourage you to get the vaccine. We have the Pfizer® COVID-19 vaccine in stock at many of our pediatric and adult primary care offices.

Call your ProHealth doctor's office for an appointment or ask about it at your next visit. Click here for our vaccination guide and FAQ.


No health insurance? You can find a testing site that will offer you a test for free, regardless of whether or not you have insurance, and regardless of documentation status. Locate a testing site at ct.gov/prioritytesting.

Get current cash (price) information on COVID-19 tests offered by ProHealth Physicians.