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Where to Go for Health Care When You’re in Florida

Where to Go for Health Care When You’re in Florida

Will you be spending time in Florida this winter? ProHealth Physicians works closely with two Florida doctor groups, WellMed and MedExpress, to coordinate care for our patients. We encourage you to visit WellMed or MedExpress for any care you need during your stay in Florida. We have trust and confidence in their ability to take care of you. They will work closely with your ProHealth doctor to make sure you get the care you need.


WellMed is a group of primary care and specialty doctors with many locations in Florida. The doctors at WellMed can talk with your ProHealth doctor to get information about your health. They will also let your doctor know about any care you get from them. WellMed is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Download all WellMed locations in Florida.


MedExpress has many neighborhood medical centers throughout Florida, and they continue to grow. They provide urgent care and treat everything from fevers to fractures, stitches to sinus infections, and bumps to burns. Open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week with no appointments necessary, MedExpress is a great option if you need care on evenings or weekends. MedExpress also has shorter wait times than emergency rooms and usually cost less. Like WellMed, they will also let your ProHealth doctor know about any care they give you. Download all MedExpress locations in Florida.

What You Should Do

When you call or visit WellMed or MedExpress, tell them you are a patient at ProHealth Physicians. Be sure to give them the name of your ProHealth doctor so they can share any reports about your care. If you have questions about getting care in Florida, you can also call ProHealth at 1-855-CTMD-411.

WellMed and MedExpress